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Mark is a internationally recognized musician and entertainer who has performed in numerous venues throughout the United States and Europe. His fancy fingerpicking and flatpicking guitar work has generated rave reviews in numerous publications worldwide. His CD was named BEST Acoustic Blues Album in 2014 and his recordings have reached the top 20 on National Music Charts. Mark also won the 2016 Boston Blues Challenge.

Mark is an extraordinary accomplished guitarist. His concerts include instrumentals and singing and playing music from the early 1800s to the late 1950s. The show includes Mark's signature, foot stompin blues, boogie, early rock and honky-tonk selections. Instrumental selections include: America The Beautiful, Amazing Grace, Autumn Leaves, Maple Leaf Rag, and many other dazzling, fancy guitar arrangements.

Mark establishes a personal connection with his audience by discussing the origin of music and providing the listener with insights into the history of the guitar and other instruments that have become critical to the development of American music. Listen and learn that the oldest guitar was discovered in Egypt and is over 3500 years old; or that Benjamin Franklin was a guitarist. You might even find out what affect the Spanish American War has on American guitar players or why and how fiddle music impacted the development of guitar music. All of the music is hi- lighted by Mark’s blazing acoustic guitar work. Hot guitar, smooth vocals, classic American songs: All in a one man show. Info and videos @

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UNIVERSITY REFERENCE EXCERPT - full reference letter link below

IN a word, our students find Mark articulate, eloquent, approachable, friendly, and inspirational, and his American Music Concert has proven one of our most popular performances. I recommend Mark to you in the highest possible terms, with no reservations whatsoever: this is can’t miss stuff. Please feel free to contact me should I be able to provide any further assistance.
- Dr. William Nelles, University Of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Professor, Department of English 

LIBRARY REFERENCE EXCERPT - full letter link below

THIS highly successful event helped raise funds for childrens programming at different branches of the New Bedford Public Library. I highly recommend Mark  and this program as highly entertaining and informative.

 - Diane V. Duprey, President Friends Of The New Bedford Public Library 


THE Pelican Preserve Veterans sponsored Mark’s concert in February 2015 and 2016. We are all still talking about his fantastic concert with words like: “I have never seen anyone play a guitar like that,” and “I learned so much”, and “ Wow! That was the best entertainment we ever had here” and “Can we get him back again soon”.  

- The Veterans Committee, Fort Myers, FL


WE have always been passionate about music, but at Mark T. Small’s concert we saw music brought to a new level. His skill with the guitar is beyond anything we have ever seen and his narrative on the roots and growth of American music was both entertaining and interesting. We are looking forward to another concert.  

- Bob & Cathi Sweeney, 

 Bonita Springs, Florida.